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15 Dec 2017
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Excellent end of the year for OTTO Work Force

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The end of the year turns out to be excellent for OTTO Work Force. Not only has the company attained the record turnover of more than 5 million this week and the yearly turnover of 200 million Euro in the Netherlands, but also the Court of Appeal in Den Bosch has ruled in favour of OTTO in the case on the tax claim of 14,7 million Euro.

The OTTO group has had an outstanding year. The group’s turnover amounts to more than 280 million Euro at the end of 2017. The company from Venray expects this number to reach more than 330 million in 2018.

Due to a strong economy and tight labour market, the demand for flex employees and labour migrants has considerably increased, which is of benefit to OTTO. The potent European recruitment network, where the quality comes first before nationality, ensures that OTTO can still provide sufficient numbers of employees.

The application of tools, developed in the OTTO Innovations Lab in Utrecht, allows OTTO to invariably recruit, match, train and guide the best employees for its renowned clients.
The results of 9.600 satisfaction surveys show that the employees rate OTTO at 7.5 and the clients at 7.6 (out of maximum 10 points).

As of 2018, the Management Board of the OTTO group will be supported by the European Executive Committee (EEC). The EEC will be composed of:  Karolina Swoboda (Operational Director NL), Tomasz Dudek (Operational Director CEE), Patrycja Liniewicz (Recruitment Director), Edith Hageman (Commercial Director) and Justyna Kooijmans (HR Director). Leo van Megen will back the Dutch Directors team as the Finance Manager NL. Also thanks to this development, OTTO will be in the position to continually satisfy the increasing demand for motivated and qualified flex work force.

The Court of Appeal in Den Bosch has pronounced its decision concerning the tax claim of 14.7 million Euro. The court has fully dismissed the claim and so concludes the legal dispute with the Tax Authorities on the application of the Act on Education Tax Reduction (WVA), running since 2013. OTTO made use of this regulation in the past in order to promote education of the employees. The tax office was of the opinion that OTTO has wrongly claimed the tax reduction for its employees. The Court of Appeal in Den Bosch has eventually vindicated OTTO and has nullified the tax assessments.