How do I register with OTTO Work Force? DO I have to make an appointment?
We would like to set time aside for you when you are looking for a job. Therefore, we prefer to set up an appointment beforehand. Have you not yet registered with OTTO Work Force? Then it is important that you first register digitally. This can be done through our website. This enables us to concentrate on your background, knowledge and experience and the kind of job you are looking for during the personal intake in the office.

What should I bring to a registration?
An updated CV, valid identification (passport or ID), bank account number, healthcare policy document or membership card. Do you have a nationality other than the Dutch nationality? In that case you should also bring the BSN document from the Tax Authorities or Municipality.

What is the procedure after registration?
After registration you can look on our website for vacancies. It is possible to react via the website to a vacancy that interests you. |We will also contact you when we have a suitable vacancy for you. You will then be invited to our office for a personal interview to discuss the vacancy.

When I register for OTTO Work in the Netherlands, can OTTO Work Force in Poland, for instance, approach me for a suitable job, too?
Yes. This may happen at times, but in most cases the contacts will be between you and OTTO via the office where you have registered.


Which jobs can I find at OTTO Work Force?
Each day thousands of people from OTTO Work Force work in retail, logistics, manufacture, food industry and horticulture. However, vacancies at middle management levels are also offered, for instance a position as On-Site Manager at OTTO Work Force. The possibilities are very diverse.

Are temporary jobs for a limited period only or can I also find permanent employment?
When you work for OTTO Work Force work, there may also be opportunities for permanent employment.

Which CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) does OTTO Work Force follow for its employees?
OTTO Work Force is a member of the ABU and follows the ABU-CAO.

When I work for OTTO, will I receive a contract?
Yes, you are not allowed to work without a signed contract.

How do I submit the number of hours worked?
This depends on the client where you are working. With most clients this is done digitally. If this is not the case, you will be informed of this when you start working.

I do not have a timesheet which should be signed. What should I do?
You can notify your Job Coordinator or the Account Manager.


When will I get paid?
Do you get paid weekly? Then you get paid on Thursday after the week you have worked. Do you get paid every four weeks? Then it will be seven working days after the end of the last week. For example: You will get paid for weeks one to four on Tuesday of week six.

When do I get a pay slip?
This will be available digitally in my OTTO immediately after payment of your salary.