Since the establishment of OTTO Work Force in 2000, the company has experienced tremendous growth and we have grown into the largest international employment organization in Europe. We assist employees in one country with temporary work in another country. In addition, our company offers employment on a large scale to people in their home countries. More than 15,000 flex workers are employed through our company, mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. In Western and Central Europe we operate a total of 50 offices. OTTO Work Force is privately owned.

Core Values

Our company has 7 clear core values, which together form the word RESPECT.

Working and living in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands we deploy some 5,000 flex workers each day. The majority of our employees originally come from other countries and are (temporarily) working in the Netherlands.

Working and living in Germany

The German economy is in full swing and there is a consider-able demand for flex workers from Germany and other countries.

Working and living in Poland

Poland is booming and many new jobs are created in industry, logistics and retail. These are exactly the spear-heads of our business. Furthermore, we also offer work in other countries.


Each day thousands OTTO Work Force employees are at work in logistics, manufacturing, the food industry and the agricultural sector.

OTTO Academy

Above all, we like to invest in teaching you more competencies. Further education, a course or training could possibly offer you an opportunity to start a nice career in a short space of time.


National labour markets are becoming ever more international. An increasing number of people work in another country. Working abroad is becoming easier, more accessible and more attractive.