make the difference

In order to make the difference our people must be capable of making the difference. It is not only about WHAT we do, but also HOW we do it.

Our organisation has 7 clear core values, which together form the word RESPECT. The existence of our entire business depends on the respect we have for our employees, for our clients, for each other and for the world around us. Most of our employees have come from other countries. They deserve the same treatment as the people of the country they work in. Our clients, too, deserve our respect. They make our existence possible.

The 7 core values of OTTO Work Force

Respect is the basis of our company…. and our daily challenge.


We are cost effective and target driven


We do not believe in borders, we believe in quality

Socially involved

We care for our colleagues and for the world around us


We always take one step further


We enable our people to take responsibility

Customer excellence

We are focused on offering the best service to our clients


We believe in openness