Training and education as a stepping stone to a great career

Our credo at OTTO Work Force is that our employees are our capital. And you have to invest your capital. Above all, we like to invest by teaching you more competencies and by developing you further. An education, a course or training could possibly offer you an opportunity to build a great career in a short space of time.

OTTO Academy
OTTO Academy is the general term for a great number of educational and training courses which we offer to our employees. However, OTTO Academy is not a traditional school! Your studies consist of a number of informal sessions, where, inter alia, Dutch language and culture lectures are presented.

OTTO Academy also offers you the opportunity to obtain a recognized vocational qualification (MBO-exam). A diploma enhances the possibility to make great strides early in your career. In collaboration with ROCs (regional education centres), based throughout the Netherlands, we offer the opportunity to obtain a recognised MBO-diploma.

Logistics, engineering and food industry

Logistics Training Centre
OTTO Work Force has its own logistics training centre. Do you not have a forklift or reach truck certificate? No problem! Before starting to work in one of these challenging jobs with internal means of transport, we take care of your training. Through our training centre, we teach you how to handle an EPT (electric pallet truck) or you move upwards with our training course for reach truck operator. Certified training instructors will show you the ropes of working in logistics. For more than twelve years, dozens of employees have obtained their certificates each week!

Working safely in engineering
Working in engineering may be complicated. You work for clients where, for instance, they operate with large machinery or chemical installations. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Many (near) accidents are caused due to a lack of knowledge or awareness of safety risks by employees. With more and better schooling, knowledge and awareness are improved and thereby many accidents prevented. An increasing number of engineering companies demand a VCA-certificate before you can start working on the work floor. VCA requires that employees have adequate knowledge of VGM (safety, health and environment). OTTO Work Force together with its training partners offers you the opportunity to obtain a B-VCA certificate, VCA-VOL certificate or flange certification (protocol).

Working and learning in the food industry
The fresh food industry is one of the leading sectors of the Dutch economy and as a result offers a broad range of career opportunities. Working and learning go hand in hand in this sector. We do this together with SVO, our training partner in the food industry. Together we offer you an opportunity to obtain a Food Assistant – Food Industry qualification (NT2).

More info?
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