Since its establishment in 2000, OTTO Work Force has in a short period of time grown into a leading employment service in the European market. Each day thousands of OTTO Work Force employees work in retail, logistics, manufacturing, food industry and horticulture.

OTTO is a specialist in the retail sector. We meet the demand for flex workers in the logistics centres of various supermarket chains, fashion chains and other well-known store outlets. They are mostly order pickers, but forklift/reach truck operators, freight handlers, packaging workers and warehouse leads are also deployed.

A large number of our employees can be found in logistics positions, in various distribution centres and warehouses. Each day, thousands of OTTO Work Force employees work as order picker, fork lift operator, voice-picker, reach truck operator, line leader, as foreman and as distribution worker.

Each day, thousands of OTTO Work Force employees work as production workers in various processes. We deploy production and assembly workers in the automotive, metal and other industries.

Food industry
Through OTTO Work Force many (production) workers are at work in the meat (processing) industry, bakeries and confectionaries, vegetable cutting places and fish processing industry.

Horticulture has in recent years undergone a remarkable development. Many processes are no longer strictly agricultural, but rather of a logistical nature. Typical production processes no longer feature only in industry, but are frequently seen in horticulture as well. Each day hundreds of employees of OTTO Work Force work in various processes in this sector. Our employees are, for instance deployed at flower, fruit and plant growers.

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