Working and living in Poland

We offer our employees the highest quality standards in terms of service. Receiving your salary in time, and correct payment for irregular shifts. And personal attention. At OTTO Work Force we treat people, as we like to be treated ourselves. With respect! Our employees are our capital and we take very good care of that. Our endeavours to achieve the highest quality standards are further underlined by our membership of the Polski Forum HR.


Working in Poland
Each day thousands of international employees of OTTO Work Force are at work throughout Europe. The boundless opportunities OTTO Work Force offers you as an employee may entail that you will work in another country. In Poland, for instance. In that case, you will rely on us to have our affairs in order. OTTO Work Force is honest and transparent. This means that, wherever you may want to work in Europe, we take care of your career. We can offer you a challenging position for a salary, to which you are legally and morally entitled, of course. Poland is a country that increasingly offers job opportunities to labour migrants. To employees from Ukraine, for instance. Thanks to changes in legislation, employees from Ukraine can nowadays work legally and unrestricted in Poland for a period of six months. This period may thereafter be extended again.

More info?
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