Certification and memberships

We aim to offer our employees and clients the highest quality in service. Our quest for the highest quality standards is recognized by a great number of memberships and certificates.

Membership ABU (Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies)
OTTO Work Force is a member of ABU. The ABU has promoted the interests of employment agencies in the Netherlands since 1961. An ABU member complies with high quality requirements concerning safety on the work floor, code of conduct, working conditions and the remittance of social premiums.

NEN 4400-1 certification
OTTO Work Force is NEN-4400-1 certified. The 4400-1 is an independent quality label for all companies that provide labour as well as for (sub) contractors of work. With this certification companies show that their personnel administration is in order and that taxes and social premiums are paid over timeously.

VCU certification
OTTO Work Force is VCU certified. We continuously deploy people with VCA certified companies. It is extremely important to pay proper attention to safety and health aspects. With a VCU-certificate, an employment agency shows that its health and safety control system is in order.

Financially Sound Certificate
OTTO Work Force belongs to the top-3 financially sound companies in the Netherlands. That is the reason we have received the Financially Sound Certificate from Graydon, the leading source for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands for conducting business responsibly. With this Financially Sound Certificate, OTTO Work Force emphasises its sound financial status as entrepreneur.

Lean and Green Personal Mobility Award
OTTO Work Force was the first company in the Netherlands to be awarded the Lean and Green Personal Mobility Award. This award is given to companies which are actively involved in making their personnel transport services more sustainable and achieve a CO2 reduction of 20% within five years. The Personal Mobility Award is part of the Lean and Green programme to encourage companies to make their logistics processes more sustainable.