OTTO Work Force is always looking for people who can make the difference. Just being good is not good enough, we only want the best. We select these people for you, so that the best people can also make the difference for you. In order to find employees who meet your labour requirements, we go through several steps with you:


Need analysis

Need analysis
Together with you we identify your labour requirements. We analyse the required function and competency profiles and other issues which are important to you. We do this on the basis of both hard and soft skills.



After having mapped your labour requirements, our system will select the most suitable candidate on our current data base. Should he/she not be available, a recruitment order will be placed with our recruitment offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. The process of recruitment and selection is called “matching”, as we match your labour requirements with our employees in order to achieve the best selection.



The selection of the best person entails the following three steps:

  • Intake: recruitment starts with an intake interview. At this intake we pay close attention to the work experience and educational background of the (potential) employee. Furthermore, motivation and first impressions are very important to us.
  • Test: For the selection process we make use of a number of special test methods. We test (potential) employees on issues as reliability, dedication, coping with homesickness, stability and language skills. These tests produce a fit-for-the-job report. On the basis of this report, a match can be made with the relevant function profiles and vacancies.
  • VOG: (Certificate of Good Conduct). Each employee of OTTO must have a VOG, which is requested from the country of origin.


In service

In service
Employees never start working for you without being properly guided. We provide a “Working at…” booklet, which is used for new employees. This contains all information about the tasks, rules and you as employer. In addition, a first day or influx of new employees will always be accompanied by our On-Site or Account Manager. He/she is the point of contact for you as the client and for the employees working for you. The On-Site or Account Manager takes care of providing the necessary information, coaching on the work floor, managing and observing of the qualitative and quantitative performance and looking for possibilities for process optimization.



You draw up the planning together with the On-Site or Account Manager, taking both short term and long planning into account. We consider forecasting an essential component, so that you will also have long-term access to a steady pool of employees. A proper forecast ensures, for instance, that we can identify in time whether an additional inflow or (cross) training of existing employees is necessary.


Safeguarding of quality

Safeguarding of quality
OTTO Work Force stands for the highest quality. This is demonstrated by the fact that we are qualified with certifications and recognitions in several countries, representing the highest standard of quality. In the partnerships with our principals we ensure the quality of the collaboration in several ways:

  • Drafting of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with clearly defined targets
  • Evaluation and performance review discussions with employees
  • Focus on continued development of employees
  • Focus on process optimization and cost saving processes
  • Clear and transparent consultation structure
    Short communication lines
  • Clear grievance procedure

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